Meet Contributing Author: Tanya Bankston

While many struggle to keep their heads in the game, Coach Tanya Bankston helps clientele worldwide leap over hurdles and successfully cross the finish line—many times, with minimal sweat and tears. Out of the shadows of abuse, low self-esteem and trust issues, Bankston pushes clients to discover and cultivate the leader within—the leader she argues every individual possesses. Complete with her no-nonsense coaching style, zero tolerance for excuses and passion for reinvention and repurposing, Bankston forces women to transition from simple existence to living a life of abundance—unapologetically.

From abandonment of her father, molestation and date rape—to domestic abuse, welfare dependency and divorce—she’s no stranger to the struggle. But she’s made a conscious choice to walk as a victor, not a victim. As a certified life, leadership and solutions-focused coach, Bankston trains her clients to not only develop stellar products and services, but quality relationships—relationships that position them to stand out and soar in the marketplace.