Meet Contributing Author: Sabrena Williams

A woman of character, integrity and incredible valor, Sabrena Williams is a native of Syracuse, New York, who has embraced the her calling and newfound purpose to help transform the lives of girls and woman around the world. Sabrena is the youngest of five siblings, the mother of two adult children and grandmother. While in high school she was the primary caregiver for her disabled mother and father, but the experience provided a great source of wisdom and understanding regarding the very precious nature of our moments. Driven by becoming the absolute best version of herself Sabrena pursued and received her Masters in Human Resources from Strayer University and is employed at Charter Communications.

Sabrena is a light who’s beginning to recognize the stretch of her brilliance as she walks with promise and on purpose. She is a spiritual woman inspired by the intimacy and presence of God in her life. She is a loyal, loving and trustworthy Mother, Sister, Daughter and Friend. Then greatness that resides in her has been preserved for the least of these, the lost, and those that long to truly find themselves.

Sabrena says your best days are just ahead, your journey is just beginning so despite what it looks like stay the course.