Meet Contributing Author: Pamela Quintin-Pratt

Pamela Quintin-Pratt was born in Queens, NY on June 19, 1983. She was raised by her adopted parents, Ernesto and Carolina Quintin. She had the pleasure of meeting and bonding with her biological mother, Helena Harte at the age of 21. Pamela is married to Mandell Pratt and between them they have five beautiful children. Pamela has spent her career serving at-risk youth in a variety of capacities for the past thirteen years.

Pamela has a strong love for young people, the Lord and of course her close family and friends. She possesses a passion for the art of dance and loves to serve her church home through the arts. In her spare time, she uses her creativity to be the CEO and Founder of Regal Event Solutions in Arverne, NY where she puts together and plans all types of events.

For more information or to contact Mrs. Quintin-Pratt you can reach out to her at