Meet Contributing Author: Nicole Benton

Nicole Benton is an author, certified professional life coach, marriage and family therapist, speaker, and philanthropist who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She lives by the mantra “live intentionally, fully engaged.” She is extremely passionate about uplifting and empowering women to live their best lives, and to overcome any hindering obstacles.

She is also extremely passionate about community advocacy and philanthropy and is the CEO and founder of The Dollhouse Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization focused on eliminating food insecurity and other economic disparities for the homeless and other at-risk populations. More information can be found at

Meet Contributing Author: Nawanna Snipe Tucker

Nawanna Snipe Tucker is a native of Brooklyn, NY, she currently resides in Queens, NY. Nawanna’s love for helping others has always been a passion to see everyone happy. She is not ashamed of sharing what God can and will do for his children.

Nawanna earned a certificate of Christian Education from New York Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Human Services, from University of Phoenix. Nawanna is proud to have been blessed with her son Dekorey T. Hobbs. She is blessed to be married to her best friend and Boaz, Curtis E. Tucker III.


Meet Contributing Author: NaTascha “Taj” Hughes

NaTascha “Taj” Hughes is an Educator, Transformation Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Migration Strategist, Author and CEO of Another Level Training & Consulting Services, LLC.

She has over 19 years of experience in the field of behavioral health serving diverse populations who struggle with substance abuse and mental health challenges. Her life’s mission of sowing seeds of change ~ transforming lives is fueled by her passion to help people “migrate” to the next level of life.

NaTascha’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. She has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. She holds several career certifications, including Leadership Psychology from Cornell University. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate.

NaTascha is the Mother of two adult children and “Duchess” to a 2 year old Grandson. She resides in Delaware with her Cane Corso “Judah”.

Contact Info:

Meet Contributing Author: Melissa Marcus

Melissa lives in Jamaica, Queens and attends Bellerose Assembly of God church. She remarried in 2014, has a daughter, a son, and three stepchildren. Being a single mother for many years, her passion is to encourage them. A short bio she wrote was published on a single mother’s website. Melissa is President of “Girlfriends Pathways to Empowerment” (GP2E). Through workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities – women come together and inspire, uplift, and empower.

Melissa does all things through Christ who strengthens her and sees this book collaboration as a blessing.

Gold Canyon

Girlfriends Pathways to Empowerment

Meet Contributing Author: Melanee Marshall

Melanee has never found a box that she fits completely inside. She typically shuns the wearing of any type of label, but if she did own one it would be that of “multipotentialite.” Defined as someone with many interests and creative pursuits, Melanee is an ever curious, life-long learner whose thirst for knowledge has never left her satisfied with having learned “enough.”

Having worn many hats in her 40+ years, Melanee is always looking to redefine and redirect her energies. She is now relishing her new season as a published children’s book author. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, son and daughter.

You can keep up with Melanee and her latest adventures at

Meet Contributing Author: Marie A. Carter

Marie A. Carter is a current resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin She is a Transformation Leader, Activist and Writer. Her favorite quote is “Be the change you wish to see in the world” written by Mahatma Gandhi. She is the proud mother of 4 amazing children and the owner of Dope Black Woman, which is a brand dedicated to promoting black culture and encouraging black liberation.

Meet Contributing Author: Lynn Demmons

As a speaker, author, global international leader and financial rebound coach, Lynn Demmons works with women instilling within them the mental processes and motivation to achieve generational wealth. Ultimately, it’s about purpose and priorities.

Her systems help clients implement actionable strategies that empower them to grow and improve their lives for the better. By helping clients focus more on the outcomes than the income, results are achieved. Her philosophy is to be generous with what you have- no matter how big or small and the results will follow.


Meet Contributing Author: Lynette Edwards

Lynette Edwards is from the Southern state of Louisiana. Lynette has been a published Author since 2011. Lynette has been afforded the opportunity to reach readers on a national level which includes but is not limited to, attending a taping for Lifetime Television national syndicated show ‘The Balancing Act’, in addition she was awarded the opportunity to participate in a national gallery book tour through her publishing company, Lynette has reached the top ten books in her category on Amazon, and she served as a featured Author during the 2016 Urban Authors book fair in California. In 2017 Lynette served as the Executive Producer of The stage play ‘One Night Only’ which was based off one of the books she authored titled ‘One Night Only.’

Since her journey in writing began Lynette has been honored with a ‘Creative Art of Writing’ award, recognized by the ‘Minority Women’s Movement’ and currently serves on the board of directors for the AAALAC where she is an active member of the 2017 ‘Chasing your Dream’ tour. Besides radio interviews, a recent magazine feature, and book signings throughout the year Lynette enjoys spending time with her close family and friends.
Lynette believes that everything in life is a blessing or a lesson and she is determined that the best is yet to come.

For more information on Lynette Edwards visit her website at or find her on FaceBook: Author Lynette Edwards

Books By Lynette Edwards
Just A Little Talk with Jesus
Uncompromising Love
Take Off the Mask
Still Standing
One Night Only
We Have Only Just Begun
Playing with Fire

Meet Contributing Author: Lynda D. Mallory

Lynda D. Mallory is from Beltsville, Maryland. She is a writer, blogger, and a published author at A Life With A View. Lynda inspires people to write creatively and with purpose. She is inspired by stories of faith, love, and happiness and also by people who embrace their journey, with the courage and the passion to be successful in life. Lynda has two wonderful children, Miles and Madison, and her best friend and supporter, Stanley.

You can find Lynda at A Life With A View everywhere and visit her website:

Meet Contributing Author: Linda Karanja

Linda Karanja was born and raised in in Newark, New Jersey, currently residing in Pennsylvania. She is the mother of three adult children, one who recently dies at the young age of 22 years old and a grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren, one who recently died at the very young age of three.

Linda is a Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant and Author. Her favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” She loves this scripture because it gives her the confidence she needs to accomplish many goals. Knowing that she can do anything through Christ gives her life. This scripture helped Linda along the way after she lost her son and grandson. After the death of her son and grandson, she is inspired to tell her story of how her pain became her strength.