Meet Contributing Author: Angela R. Powell

Angela R. Powell, writer from Memphis Tennessee, currently residing in Upstate New York. She started writing at age 6 years old. Modest stages of written poetry transformed into anointed collections, bringing inspiration, encouragement and uplifting to your spirit, that brings healing, deliverance, and able to touch someone’s life. Angela, isn’t just an author, she’s a woman who inspires and dedicates her life to the Lord, and speaks Psalms 91 over her life. Angela is currently working and writing her autobiography book.

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Meet Contributing Author: Angela Townsend-Brewer

Pastor/Evangelist Angela accepted her calling to ministry in 2009 to preach and teach God’s Word. Her mission and passion is to love, encourage, edify, buildup and set free the hurting women all over this world with the goodness of God. She has an Associate’s Degree in Accounting, a double Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology/Christian Counseling/Life Coaching, and has a Master of Science Degree in Human Services/Marriage and Family Counseling and currently completing her second Master Degree fall 2017 in Pastoral Counseling/Marriage and Family. Her personal history has given her ambition to maximize relationships: What makes us who we are?

Pastor/Evangelist Angela is the founder and visionary of Women of Victorious Living Ministries, a ministry to help women unlock the treasure within them and their potential and discover their purpose in life by equipping, encouraging, empowering, and inspiring using the Word of God. Her vision is to help women who have a strong desire to rise up out of their situations that are keeping them in bondage and to break free from the bondage to pursue the victorious living life God’s way.

Pastor/Evangelist Angela Townsend is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Pastoral Counselor, Certified Marriage Coach, and Certified Leadership Coach, and also has her Honorary Doctorate in Divinity.

Pastor/Evangelist Angela has a dynamic way of weaving both her ordinary experiences and extraordinary situations into meaningful life lessons. Four years ago, she went through a horrific divorce of 23 years of marriage that devastated and turned her life upside down. There have been times she didn’t know if she was coming or going. But God, three years later, placed a wonderful man of God in her life. She now pastors with her husband Pastor Leonard Brewer, at Heavenly Rivers Worship Center, Lawton, Oklahoma. Because of her struggles in her life, she is determined to help women to break free from bondage and walk in their divine destiny God has for them. God has equipped Pastor/Evangelist Angela to impact the lives of women all over the world.

Women of Victorious Living Ministries, LLC
PO Box 22272
Oklahoma City, OK 73123
Phone: (405) 509-5333

Meet Contributing Author: Angela Peele

Angela Peele is an Early Childhood Educator and Poet. She has passionately devoted 25 years to positively impact the emotional, social, and physical development of young children. As a poet, she has written over 60 poems for many people, occasions and organizations. Two of her poems include a poem in honor of the late Maya Angelou and for the awareness of child abuse and neglect.

She was born in Baltimore, MD and has been residing in Charlotte NC since 1990. She has six children and nine grandchildren. Her favorite scripture is found in the King James version of the Holy Bible, Psalms 18:21 Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.

Meet Contributing Author: Amarra Marshall

Amarra Marshall is a nine year old super star. Her very first time taking the NC State Test she earned a perfect score in reading! Amarra started her own bakery two years ago called The Sweet Side of Seven. Her “Betta that Patti Sweet Potato Pies” has garnished for her much success and praise.

Playing outside, swimming, creating new art pieces and playing with her dog Dozer, are just a few of the many things Amarra enjoys. You may even catch Amarra out dining at her favorite restaurant, Longhorns, any weekend evening. Amarra’s next pursuit is illustrating her mother’s next children’s book, “Turn Your Mistakes into Something Great.”

Meet Contributing Author: Alyssia Johnson

Alyssia Johnson is an only child raised in Albemarle, NC but currently resides in Hickory, NC. She has worked in the IT department of a local food distribution company for 18 years. One of her favorite scriptures is Psalm 27:13, which would lead you to believe she is a woman of faith.

Along with being a career woman she is also an author, the pastor of Rehoboth Family Worship Center and embarking on becoming a life coach. Her heart’s desire is to encourage people to live up to their full potential in order to live their best life.

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Meet Contributing Author: Alishia Wilkins

Alishia Wilkins, known as Lishia Shomone the EnVisionary Life Coach, is a certified life coach, speaker and author.
She was born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC. She has three beautiful daughters. She was a former Vice President of Education of the Rocky Mount Toastmasters. Her favorite quote is “I will do the things others won’t, have the things that others don’t.” (Les Brown).

Alishia continues to pursue her purpose in helping others to EnVision their life desires, speaking to individuals to assist them in becoming more and allowing others to discover their uniqueness.

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Meet Contributing Author: Adriane McLeod

Adriane has fully devoted herself to knowing and serving Jesus Christ. She longs to learn from God’s word and to share it with others. Adriane has a powerful testimony that is very empowering and inspiring. Through her message of hope, faith and love she continues to share her testimony of heartache, loss, survival and how she overcame it all through the help of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Adriane is the Author of “A Wounded Soul” and a motivational speaker that is dedicated to inspiring and serving women. With love and commitment, she is dedicated to helping others move and work through stumbling blocks to reach their goals and live a life full of faith forgiveness and love which comes from God. Adriane is convinced that God is far greater than we could ever hope, think or imagine.

She resides in Fayetteville, NC with her three daughters Jaylan, Sierra and Brianna. Adriane can be reached at or via social media.

Meet Contributing Poet: Taylor J. Waller

Taylor J. Waller was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but currently residing in Richmond, California. She is a writer and a singer, and in her leisure time, loves working with children. She provides care for children with developmental disabilities and children that come from compromised homes. Her work is always a humbling experience; reminding her of to remain grateful for the things that she is able to do independently. Taylor is also the great niece of Jaime L. Washington, who is most proud to have her as a part of this book anthology.

Meet Contributing Poet: Michelle Boulden Hammond

Michelle Boulden Hammond a long time resident of Talbot County, MD. She was educated through the Talbot County Public School system. In 2007 she graduated from Chesapeake Bible College with Associates Degree of Ministry. The ministry of service to others has always been a passion of hers which led her to become a founder of a non-profit organization called Women of Dorcas Association Inc. in December 2008. The Women of Dorcas Association has hosted several women’s retreat for the past 8 years. These conferences are held with various women from all walks of faith coming together to unite for worshipping God.

She received her Bachelors of Arts Degree Human Services May 10, 2014 from Liberty University and recently finished this year receiving her Masters of Human Service Counseling from Liberty University. Michelle has often been asked how you manage to juggle all the things that you do. Her response is from her favorite scriptures “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13”. Michelle is employed with Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center as the program Health Outreach Coordinator.

On July 7, 2016 Michelle became first African American in Talbot County to open health & wellness center called Be Inspired Health & Wellness LLC. This business operates with conducting workplace wellness, stress management, diabetes and chronic pain workshops. Michelle has served on various community boards such as Talbot Partnership, Neighborhood Service Center, and Talbot County Association of Clergy and Laity. She enjoys traveling, writing, and spending time with family which includes her husband of 22 years Elvis Hammond, her two adult children Sabre and Tarish, and three grandchildren.

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Meet Contributing Poet: Cassandra Walker-Phillips

Cassandra Walker Phillips was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Queens, N.Y. She is a proud wife, mother of three and grandmother of seven. The Lord God placed in her spirit the desire to write and encourage women and men in all walks of life. She reminds them that no matter what is thrown at them with God they can make it. As Pastor of Thank You Lord Ministries, she has been fulfilling this purpose. It is her prayer that after reading this book that men and women will be encouraged to run this race of life with purpose.

Cassandra is also an entrepreneur, author and poet. She is a living testament that she can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens her. She is the proud Independent business owner of Total Life Changes & a Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant.

Lastly, Cassandra is a literary creative, using her gift of poetry writing to release her book, “I Need H.E.L.P.: Reflections of My Bumps In the Road.” We are blessed to have Cassandra as a contributing Poet in the and soon to be released anthology, “She Wouldn’t Let Me Fall: 100 Stories of Faith, Forgiveness & Friendship.

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